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Marlboro Presentation Reel

Compilation of Marlboro cigarette television commercials from the 1960s with the Marlboro Country theme.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - September 2, 2013
Subject: A good collection but missing the definitive Marlboro ad
About 15 commercials that run for 14 minutes (the last minute is blank). Mostly repeats of commercials available on the 1967 reel (, but a few new ones appear. The 1967 reel is a 2.5GB download versus the 500 MB here.
Included are the ads with cattle stranded in snow (feed delivered by ute and helicopter); a very wimpy ad, second on the list, with a sonk male singer and insipid lyrics (very unlike the typical Marlboro Man); two Christmas ads; cattle in a river; fly fishing; breakfast; quarter horses in Texas; up before dawn. Some ads segue into the “Filter, Flavor, Pack or Box” jingle.

A good collection if you don’t want to download the 1967 reel. But it is missing what I consider the definitive Marlboro ad (see my review under the 1967 reel).

Good quality video and audio.